Social entrepreneurship and sustainability

Program code

Program Duration
4 days

September 21st – 24th 2015


Studendts: 140 €
phd & post-doc: 340 €
Academic & professionals: 440 €


Social entrepreneurship and sustainability

From social to business model innovation


The first edition of the summer school on “Social entrepreneurship and sustainability: from social to business model innovation” will focus on the contribution of social entrepreneurship and sustainability to business model innovation. Integrating social innovation and social value creation within the framework of business models allows to focus on new approaches to innovation that lead to improving company’s performance both in terms of economic and social value. Economic value is here broadly understood as being created by taking a set of inputs, providing additional processes that increase their value, and generating a product or service that has greater market value at the next level of the value chain; social value is created when resources, inputs, processes or policies are combined to generate improvements in the lives of individuals or society as a whole.

The summer school seeks to explore the frontiers of social entrepreneurship by promoting discussion and debate among prominent experts, academicians and graduate students.

Topics covered

  • Business model innovation and social innovation
  • Social value vs economic value
  • Individual vs collective social entrepreneurship (governance)
  • Institutional/environmental conditions and actors favoring/hindering social entrepreneurship

Program Coordinator

Dario Cavenago
Prof. Elisabetta Marafioti



Call for paper deadline

30th June 2015



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