Feeding the body and mind of adolescents with anorexia nervosa

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Program Duration
6 days

September 28th – October 3rd 2015


250 €


Feeding the body and mind of adolescents with anorexia nervosa


The course presents biological and psychological aspects of anorexia nervosa (AN) in adolescence and an overview of treatment options, based on a comprehensive evaluation of the patient and the family. AN is an increasingly frequent disorder in adolescence. The perception of body weight and shape is distorted and has an unduly strong influence on a person’s self-concept. The resulting weight loss and nutritional imbalance can lead to serious complications, including death. Moreover, the starvation process itself is often associated with severe alterations of central and peripheral metabolism, affecting overall health during the vulnerable period of adolescence, and it can have profound consequences not only on body but also on brain development. Independently from the starved state, subjects with AN are affected by a severe relational impairment, up to present autistic traits, in the most severe cases. It is therefore necessary for every clinician working with adolescents and pre-adolescents to be familiar with the symptoms, the medical/psychiatric assessment and to the multidisciplinary work needed to treat this complex group of patients.

Topics covered

  • Epidemiology and AN definition in adolescence, according to DSM-5 and the most recent literature
  • Effect of AN on the body and the mind: which are the possible systemic alterations and the necessary precautions during re-feeding period
  • AN psychopathological and cognitive aspects
  • Neurobiological and clinical endophenotypes of AN in adolescence
  • Treatment models for a multidisciplinary care

Program Coordinator

Renata Nacinovich, MD

External Partners

Fondazione Monza e Brianza e/o Comune di Monza


University of Milan Bicocca (U18) - Via Cadore, 33 Monza (MB)

Application Deadline

30th June, 2015 / 2nd call for application is open! New deadline 9th September


Postgraduate students of child and adolescent psychiatry and in young adult psychiatry; Doctors in psychology undergoing a school of specialization in Clinical Psychotherapy; Applications from undergraduates (5-6 ys at School of Medicine and 4-5 ys at School of Clinical Psychology) will also be considered.
The language of instruction is English.

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