Collaborative ICT for feeding the networked world

Program code

Program Duration
1 week

29 June-3 July

4.5 CFU

500 €


Collaborative ICT for feeding the networked world

A socio-technical perspective


Feeding people involves different forms of collaboration among multiple actors and stakeholders. These play different roles in the supply chain and the related processes across organizations and communities that collect raw materials, transform them and then distribute food products to the end consumers, both worldwide and on the zero mile food scale. ICTs and mobile technologies are more and more pervasively adopted to support the overall process and make collaboration seamless and sustainable in the often complex interplay of global and (increasingly more) local levels.

The School program will be articulated along a number of themes; that address from different perspectives the overall socio-technical system linking food producers and food consumers, and the inherent challenges of designing, developing and maintaining computational means supporting its actors.

Topics covered

  • Food Culture, conviviality and information sharing
  • Cooperation and competition in firm clusters and supply chain for feeding
  • Collaboration in the small and in the large: Convivial Tools supporting knowledge sharing
  • Production of open data and apps in the agricultural domain
  • User participation in sustainable collective actions and community exchange
  • Users’ appropriation of the socio-technical structures and infrastructures for feeding

Program Coordinator

Prof. Carla Simone

External Partners

  • Vienna University of Technology (AU)
  • University of Bari (IT)
  • University of Milano (IT)
  • Free University Cattaneo (LIUC) – Castellanza (IT)
  • International University of Languages and Media –Milano (IT)



Application Deadline

April 30


Bachelor Degree

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