Caring for water, caring for life

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Program Duration
8 days

October 6th – 13th 2015


350 €


Caring for water, caring for life


The demand for freshwater resources is expected to increase dramatically, so protecting diminishing water resources has become one of the most pressing environmental issues and will likely become more complicated as climate change, species invasions, and pollution further degrade water quality and quantity.

Aim of the summer school is to supply the theoretical and practical competences to study surface water and groundwater, in rural and developed areas, with an interdisciplinary approach of chemical, microbiological, ecological and hydrogeological aspects. The target is to provide an understanding of human impact on the water reservoirs, in order to prevent their decrease and degradation in developed areas and, in the rural areas, to promote the use of manual drilling techniques.

Topics covered

  • Groundwater Groundwater flow, monitoring the quality and understand how contamination occurs
  • Hydrogeological problems in rural areas Manual drilling techniques, less expensive equipment
  • Ecology Natural and cultural eutrophication, Water quality, Prevention and restoration strategies
  • Chemistry Equilibria and Redox reactions conditions in aqueous solution, Chemistry in water quality
  • Microbiology Cultural-based and molecular techniques for enumeration bacteria, Water quality, Disinfection

Program Coordinator

Prof. Barbara Leoni, University of Milano-Bicocca

External Partners

Prof. Mario Rossi, University of Milano-Bicocca


University of Milano-Bicocca Campus, Building no. U1
One day field trip to Brianza lakes

Application Deadline

30 June 2015


Bachelor or master students

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Caring for water, caring for life Bicocca Summer School
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