Food and Religion

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8 days

June 9th-12th and 15th- 18th 2015


320 €


Food and Religion

Between Holy meals and impure food. Eating and drinking in religious thought


The goal of the course is to investigate symbolic and ritual aspects of food and feeding in religious thoughts and rituals. The course will analyze the symbolic and cultural dimensions of food and that cannot be underestimated in intercultural education. The course will look at the role of food in Jewish-Christian traditions, from the symbolic role of milk and honey to the rituals of Eastern “seder”, from the Last Supper to the final meal in Heaven in which the Saved ones will taste the flesh of Leviathan. Further, the course will analyze the role of food and feeding in Islamics tradition.

The stories, legends and rituals studied in the lessons will then finally be re-read in comparison with the new symbolic and ritual dimension of food today (and tomorrow).

Topics covered

Food, its rituals and its sacred aspects (holy meals, impure food, eating and drinking rules, food as symbol and metaphor) in Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions.

Eating and drinking from an everyday situation to a universal and trans-cultural way of symbolizing the God-men relationship. From an intercultural and inter-religious education to the symbolic value of food.

Program Coordinator

Prof. Raffaele Mantegazza



Application Deadline

May 15th 2015



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